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Mastering Change: Challenges, Choices & Champions, Back Cover - Release Date, October 2008

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Larry believes #1 People are the cause of all problems; #2 People are the solution to all problems. Since it's all about people, the best place to start is with yourself. Here's a link to a FREE assesment business tool and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

The Life Perspective Inventory (LPI) provides a snapshot of our 3-Filters while capturing two important pieces of information. The first is our filter bias and it gives us an indication of how we decide and what motivates us. The second piece of information the LPI captures is our role preference in each of three dimensions or environments. Our role preferences indicate what we like to do or are apt to do best in given circumstances. The LPI is a valuable and effective assessment tool. Your LPI will help you understand both. You too can join the ranks of the tens of thousands, from scores of countries, who have benefited from the 3-Filters TechnologyTM. To receive a sample of the LPI, Request by email and include your name and email address. It's free, confidential and fascinating. More information here LISTEN to Larry and Pat Nelson discuss on the powers of persuasion with the 3-Filters Technology.

534_ Change Is Not an Event, It Is an Ongoing Process
(the Same is true with Chaos)

Patricia & Larry Nelson, Co Founders, w3w3.comenclosure-voice Mastering change is one of Pat and Larry Nelson's favorite topics. There's a good reason. They have lived in and owned businesses in five foreign countries stretching from Norway to Australia. They are truly serial entrepreneurs as they have started more than a dozen companies. Some were extremely successful and others learning experiences. One thing that was true in every situation were the rushing changes. At times they were victims and others they were victors. Larry has conducted seminars for numerous companies both large and small, public and private sectors, in dozen countries, on the subject of 'Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos'. In this recorded discussion Larry and Pat discuss the 'Six Truths About Change'. The topic includes; Resistance, Involvement, Making Losers, Vision, Benefits, and Follow up. Like the Nelsons say, "Master Change Before It Masters You." Listen now...
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566_ Ground Swell of Changes We are Facing Today Part 1 of 2
Greg & Yvonne Lynott, Lynott & Associates Public Relations enclosure-voice Of the many things Larry identified are patterns that occur. Some dissipate others grow. He has focused on those that are continually occurring and growing. Some of them are easy to see and some are a little more challenging. He has identified five patterns or ‘ground swells’ of change that have been occurring and then what will likely be coming down the pike. The green industry, for instance, must become strategic, sustainable and scalable. Larry Nelson, author, Mastering Change; The Challenges, Choices and ChampionsWhat we’ve had so far are discussions of the different things that have happened, the things that are happening and the needs we have. Today when people hear ‘green industry’, they think of energy generation, sources to recycling. Well it’s much more than that. A second ground swell of change Larry points to is about people and an inner need to give back to their community, and to give of themselves. “We have so many people today, even in these turbulent economic times that have made a great amount of money and they want to give back. So what we have is a growing opportunity, it’s called ‘social entrepreneurship’.” Having been a long time entrepreneur (with the arrows to prove it), Larry talks about the current landscape and what may be coming your way with Yvonne and Greg Lynott as they delve into the reasons for Larry's latest book. Listen now…
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569_ Ground Swell of Changes We are Facing Today - Part 2
Larry Nelson, author, Managing Change: Challenges, Choices and Championsenclosure-voice The third ground swell of change is about the entreprenuerial explosion. The entrepreneural wave grows in the wake of company closures. Larry’s latest book Mastering Change, Challenges, Choices and Champions addresses this issue along with a 'how to' change process that works with all types of organizations. Then there's the 'social media phenomenon, the forth ground swell of change. Larry said, "I saw and felt it coming. We were very early in the Internet beginning our online radio program in 1998. But now what’s happening, it’s not a revolution, but it is coming at warp speed. I confess resistance, not growing Greg & Yvonne Lynott of Lynott Associates Public Relationsup with computers like the young people today. To them this is natural, second nature to them, this is the way they communicate, but they’re very fickle so, what is big today may not be big tomorrow. Now companies are getting into it. With the technology today, it makes it very easy for a company to integrate video on their website. There is a long list now, LinkedIn, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Med.ium, Lejit and one of the resources I go to frequently is Brad Feld’s Blog," Greg and Yvonne Lynott, Lynott & Associates Public Relations continue with Larry as they discuss the ground swell of changes we are facing today. Larry’s latest book Mastering Change, Challenges, Choices and Champions addresses these issues with a 'how to' change process that works with all types of organizations. The fifth ground swell revolves around people. Listen to this discussion as Larry points out that people want to be known for who they are and not as an X, Y, Z or Baby Boomer
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Mastering Change
In the Midst of Chaos

Challenges, Choices & Champions
An Essential Guide for
Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Managers

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Change and Entrepreneurs

  1. Change: You Can Count On It
  2. Systems, Sources and Solutions of Change
  3. Systemic Approach to Team Change
  4. Thinking, Planning, Doing
  5. Successful Management of Change in a Chaotic World
  6. Are You Reactive or Proactive?
  7. Persuasion and Your People’s Response to Change
  8. Frames of Reference
  9. How You’ll Respond to Change
  10. 9 Roles for In-Depth Understanding of Your 3-Filters™
  11. Pulling It All Together
  12. Ground Swells of Change
  13. The Past
  14. The Future
  15. Change Champions – Who Do You Agree With?

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What others are saying about Mastering Change

Brad Feld, Managing Director, Foundry Group
"From the first time I met Larry, about a decade ago, I knew he was a special guy. I treasure my relationship with him (and Pat). Lord Nelson is always entertaining, thoughtful, and generous and has a style all of his own. He's never without a digital device to record sound and has his camera nearby to capture every moment. The Colorado tech scene would not be the same without Larry, Pat and"

Heidi Roizen, Founder, Skinny Songs
"Intellectually everyone knows change, in fact, constant change is inevitable. As Larry states, some changes are out of our control and all we can do is deal with them; other changes we can manage; and others are in our control and we can capitalize on them by being proactive. Larry's advice for Mastering Change is hands-on and real-world."

Mark Weakley, Managing Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen "Mastering Change: Challenges, Choices and Champions could only have been written by Larry Nelson. His background, insight and heart coalesce in this important guide to helping organizations, teams and individuals navigate the inevitable forces of change. Larry's work shows that, with the right tools, change is not a barrier but an opportunity to succeed."

Lucinda Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)
"Larry has such broad business experience - he's seen everything and been almost everywhere. This book reflects his own personal wisdom on surviving in the business world, delivered in a way only Larry could do: pragmatic, concise, and humorous. Change is certain, and this book helps us understand its creative power."

Kenneth Morse, Senior Lecturer and Managing Director, MIT Entrepreneurship Center
"Larry's approach to Mastering Change is thought provoking, and important reading for entrepreneurs and leaders. Providing access to some of the great minds, or 'Change Champions' as Larry calls them, complements his 'how to' steps."

Curt W. Coffman, Founder, Curt Coffman Consulting Co-Author, First Break all the Rules, What the World’s Greatest Managers do Differently (Simon and Schuster),
"Growth is impossible without change. As Larry points out, the most effective way to manage change is to create it. Visionary leaders dream about and anticipate the future, but they do not try and predict it! Trying to forecast change only interrupts and confuses. Mastering change allows for new natural alignment and unprecedented growth and success."

Sam Pitroda Chairman, National Knowledge Commission, Govt of India,
"The growth of Knowledge Economy in the 21st century will demand change at all levels in people, processes, programs, priorities, organizations, management, governance, etc. The mindset and methods of the past will not be able to deliver the future needs of the changing world. Mastering Change by Larry Nelson is an important contribution to understand challenges and choices related to change."

Guy Kawasaki, author of Reality Check and co-founder of,
"Larry's plain talk approach for managing teams is refreshing and practical. His advice will help teams deal with change challenges in unknown economic times because it's not filled with hype and jargon. Mastering Change is a great resource for entrepreneurs and managers.

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Mastering Change 
                in the Midst of Chaos - by Larry L. Nelson 690_ Changing Rules for Raising Capital
Whether you talk to Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors or Lending Institutions they will all tell you the ‘The rules have changed for raising capital’. There are numerous factors in this changing equation. It’s not just the bumpy economy. It’s not just the lessons learned by VCs in the past 10 years. It’s not just the transparent environment created by technology and the Internet. It’s all these and more. Rockies Venture Club presents Moderator, Larry Nelson, Serial Entrepreneur & Author; with Steve Baker, Serial Entrepreneur & Author; Sue Kunz, American Bio Resources; Kelly Manning, State Director, SBDC Network; and Catharine Merigold, Vista Ventures. Check this out - Tuesday evening 7/14/09.
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Larry & Pat Nelson, Your Website - Is it 3-Filters Compliant?
Using the power of the 3-Filters Technology™ will help you reach more people, avoid the costly mistakes in promotional campaigns and help ensure successful results. Many companies ask Larry to audit the effectiveness of their website, collateral matierals and outreach marketing programs. This is the core model Larry uses. You'll enjoy and benefit from this lively interview with Pat & Larry Nelson on Talk Radio. LISTEN

Larry Nelson, Author, Mastering 
            Change in the Midst of Chaos 750_ Master Change Before it Masters You
Mastering Change in the 
            Midst of Chaos, Author and International Speaker, Larry L. Nelson Larry Nelson, the author of Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos predicts there will be more significant changes in 2010 than in the last 10 years combined across all sectors. Regardless of the prediction, change is rushing at us at a relentless pace. Some will become victims while others have chosen to be proactive change makers, or what Larry calls Change Champions.
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